Sunday, July 31, 2016

a large boar.

 Yesterday we captured a large boar in the hog trap and the hunter laid him out with a single bullet to the head. It is not a pleasant thing to consider, but the wild hogs have become an incredibly destructive force in the forests throughout the south.They compete with other wildlife for their food, but they also destroy native habitat. We were alarmed and called to arms when they destroyed the gardens around our home multiple times and the state and local governments refused to act.

Today in the Sunday Arkansas Democrat-Gazette the profiles section features an up and coming young woodworker named Matt Buell. It is a pleasure seeing woodworkers of any age being recognized for their work.

Matt described his discovery of woodworking as follows: "I spent years running around trying to find what I thought I needed, and all I found was misery and sadness. Sometimes I think the best thing we can do is stop looking."

As told in the article, "Buell was thirty when searching for something to keep his hands and mind busy, he picked up an electric guitar and decided to turn it into something it wasn't." His play with that guitar led to other things. Building what he thought would become a guitar shop in an old garage, he got sidetracked into making furniture and never finished the guitar.

I keep reading about Donald Trump and all the vicious things he says, and am completely befuddled as to why we would be allowed as a contender for President of the United States. I am particularly troubled by his disparaging remarks with regard to those who have made significant sacrifices in the military. In his latest remarks, he attacked a Muslim man and his wife who had lost their son in Iraq. He compared his own "sacrifices" employing others to build his wealth to that of gold star parents and their son. He is so completely out of touch, and yet many Americans seem to be equally so.

This is a particular concern for me. If a man is so out of touch from the sacrifices made by men and women in the armed forces, he will put them needlessly and unnecessarily at risk, while pouring the wealth of our nation and its position of leadership in the world, down the toilet.

While I know that some of my readers may be supporters of Donald Trump, I cannot help but say the truth as I see it. Some readers may not like Hillary Clinton, but I think it is time for us to consider the needs of children she has sought to serve rather than the needs of the billionaire class.

A second thing that disturbs me greatly is the number of lawsuits he has filed against craftsmen and contractors hired to build his monuments to himself and his greed and the number of times he has reneged on promises to pay fully for their work. Just as he has no shown reasonable consideration for men and women in uniform who have put their lives on the line to protect our nation, he shows no sincere regard for those who have built his wealth. He has been described as a short-fingered vulgarian by those who have known him well. Can there be a relationship between his hands and his obvious defects of character and mind?

His life illustrates the dangers faced by society when wealthy children are left out of touch.

So, if I have offended any of my readers, I offer no apology for what I know to be the truth.

Make, fix, create, and extend to others the love of learning likewise.


  1. I have a blue star service flag on my front window, the flag that someone at the GOP thought was the flag of Honduras that Gov. Kaine was wearing. That flag, worn on a lapel like Gov. Kaine's or placed on a window like mine, shows that someone in this family is serving in the military. The gold star flag that the Muslim soldier's family could post would show that a family lost a child in the service. Anyone who mocks those who serve, and especially those who were killed in the service, are beneath contempt.


  2. Right you are! And yet,for so many Trump can do no wrong.

  3. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Ask all the crafts people of Venezuela and cuba how they make a living when the only people who can afford their products are government officials. That does not seem to be ideal for people to have rewarding work as a Choice