Friday, October 02, 2015


Last night the head of school of Clear Spring School asked me if I felt that our students have a sense of gratitude to the school. It may be quite common for kids to feel something for their school, and yet, young ones often lack a frame of reference, and gratitude is usually a feeling that comes through comparison with other situations that may be worse. Gratitude may also suggest an indebtedness.

So when children are joyful and responsive and under the care of adults who feel empathy toward them, it may not be necessary that they feel gratitude.

Yesterday one of our first grade students was standing alone with her arms crossed and a purposeful pout intended to express anger. She explained to me that she and another student "had a fight," and that the other student had forgiven her but that she was not quite ready to forgive the other student... who by that time was on the jungle gym and having a great time. "How long do you plan to hold out and not forgive," I asked. "Until recess is over." the girl asserted firmly with here arms tightening across her chest.

Anyone with a sense of empathy and compassion would enjoy being with these kids, and that's not to assert there is anything particularly remarkable about them. There are children all over the world that deserve the kind of learning environment that you can find at the Clear Spring School.

So when it comes to gratitude, I realize that I am a very lucky man.

Make, fix, create and assist others in learning likewise.

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