Monday, May 11, 2015

pen boxes and Ballistas...

As you can see in the photos, my boxes for turned pens are almost complete. I took step by step photos of the installation of hinges, and routing the edges, and am now turning my attention to captions and step-by-step text. I thoroughly enjoy making things and teaching others how to do so. The rewards are enormous.

For instance, my students Ozrick and Stephen finished making a hand held ballista as a demonstration for physics class. They did all the work in the wood shop and were so excited when they got it to work. Stephen held it in his hands and exclaimed, "I feel so powerful when I hold this!" I asked if that was because it was a form of weapon that could launch projectiles? "No!" he replied firmly. "It's because WE made it!" I know the feeling, and I hope you do, too.

Tomorrow in the wood shop, I have my students from first through 6th grades.

Make fix and create...


  1. Anonymous11:35 PM

    What kind of joinery did you use on the pen boxes?

  2. No joinery at all. They are simply routed from solid wood.

  3. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Thanks Doug, then you can make quite a few in one session. So timber is sized on table saw and then run over a core bit on router table?

  4. That's pretty much it.