Thursday, January 03, 2013

wise hands...

Long awaited ShopSmith drawers...
The issue of Arkansas Life Magazine with an article about my woodworking program at the Clear Spring School is available online. Wise Hands by Ragan Sutterfield and with photos by Arshia Khan. Look for pages 50-54, while I try to find a more direct link.

Today in the wood shop I finished drawers for underneath my ShopSmith. I started this project several years ago, with plans to organize what is one of the messy corners of my wood shop. Now many of my various ShopSmith accessories that you see scattered on top will have a place to be stored out of sight. The sides and backs of the drawers are made of Baltic birch plywood, and the drawer fronts are 3/4 in. birch plywood with white oak edge banding. The knobs are turned maple from the hardware store.

When I started this project, I replaced the steel braces connecting the ShopSmith legs to the wooden base, with face frames connected by horizontal supports for the drawer guides to be mounted. the last few days I worked on the drawers. Tomorrow I apply Danish oil and can then begin loading the drawers up to their capacity of 100 lbs. each.

Make, fix and create...

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