Monday, July 02, 2012

Pease marine railway and boatyard...

Today I drove the length of Cape Cod and back to Falmouth, playing tourist, but also looking into the wooden boat community, as those folks already know the importance of hands-on learning before a single word is said. I visited Pease Boatworks and Marine Railway and got a tour from Brad Pease, and was there in time to see a wooden power boat they had built, the Anemone, leaving for delivery to its new owner. The boat had just won an award in the recent Wooden Boat show, named best of the professionally made power boats.

I am unable to upload photos at the moment, but will do so at another date. Tomorrow I plan to visit the Gannon and Benjamin Marine Railway in Vinyard Haven, which requires a trip by ferry.

Also, today, I happened to see the Coast Guard Motor Life Saving Vessel, Chatham, CG36500 a legendary vessel credited with saving many lives through heroism of its crew, a story told recently in Wooden Boat Magazine. As I found it the historic vessel was simply sitting on a trailer in a gas station parking lot, but I recognized it immediately, stopped and took photos which I will share later, feeling somewhat pleased to have gotten a chance to see what locals and tourists alike take for granted or miss completely, most never knowing its historic significance.

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