Saturday, April 07, 2012

Michael le Peletier... 1793

During the French revolution, National Assemblyman Michael le Peletier developed a plan for Public education. He said:
"Public education, besides giving strength and health, must instill the duty and habit of work, because this is to all both a necessity and an advantage. I do not refer to a thorough knowledge of any particular kind of work, but rather to that energy, that activity, that industriousness, and that perseverance to the end, which characterize the life of every diligent individual. Educate such men, and the republic will see its fruits of agriculture and of industry redoubled. Instill in the child this need, this habit of work, and his future will be secured, as he will then be entirely dependent upon himself. I consider this part of education as the most important, and therefore my plan of general instruction contains manual labor as its vital feature. Of all the sources which are apt to stimulate the average child, none will produce a greater desire for activity than physical work."
"By this bill which I lay before you, I hope to interest fathers, teachers and pupils. Fathers, because their taxes will be decreased; teachers, because they may hope for honor and recompense in this new field; and children, because the accomplishment of some real, material work will always be to them a source of great delight. I would desire that various kinds of handicraft work might be introduced."
Unfortunately, Michael le Peletier was murdered in the year 1793 and it was nearly 100 years before his proposals bore fruit.
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