Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Karl Friedrich, 1852

"Können ist besser denn Wissen." It is better to be able than to simply know.
"The continuous still sitting, and the teaching of subjects which neither attract nor hold the child's attention, are the reasons why no real desire for knowledge is engendered; and when the children work with eagerness and apparent pleasure, it is generally due to other means than an interest in the subject itself. The present instruction neither corresponds with what the true aim of the public school should be, nor with the laws that directly relate to the nature of the child."
Karl Friedrich was the nom de plume of Professor Friedrich Karl Biederman who had been involved in political strife in 1848 and thus chose not to publish his ideas on education under his own name until 1882.

Today in my wood shop, I continue making small wooden boxes. At the Clear Spring School wood shop this afternoon, students will be doing wood turning and cutting dovetails.

Make, fix and create...

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