Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Mad Hatter Ball last night was a great success. Hundreds of people in Hats raised thousands of dollars for ESSA, The Eureka Springs School of the Arts, despite the competition of having Willie Nelson in town for a performance in our 1000 seat city auditorium.

The photo below is a from a book available as .pdf download that I know most of my readers would enjoy. Mocotaugan is the name of a crooked knife made and used by American Indians and other native craftsmen under different names but similar forms throughout the northern hemisphere. Mocotaugan, The Story and Art of the Crooked Knife, written by Russell and Ned Jalbert, covers the history, making and use of this marvelous instrument and includes a gallery of photos showing it as a form of creative expression. We've made crooked knives at Clear Spring School, and I am very pleased to have this additional resource for understanding their history and use.

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