Thursday, November 16, 2006

You may remember being small and noticing all the big kids at school. It is pretty easy to feel insignificant. At Clear Spring School, all children are important and all are empowered to make a difference. The first and second graders had noticed that all the big kids were constantly running past the window in the front of their classroom. It was distracting and they were concerned for the danger. They wanted a way to encourage the other students to walk. They decided that one thing that might help would be signs asking the students from other classes to "please walk," and they asked if we could make them in woodshop. The photos above and at left are the results of their efforts. The students drew the signs on paper. We helped by transferring the drawings to wood and cutting out their drawn shapes with the scroll saw. The students sawed and sharpened the sticks, nailed the signs in place, painted them and did the lettering. Noah, at the top, believes the signs are working.

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