Monday, September 11, 2023

Building small cabinets.

Today we had day one of my class Building Small Cabinets. To make things interesting the students determined the sizses of the cabinets that would be most useful in their homes.

All the students chose cherry as their wood of choice though some may add accents of white oak to offer contrast.

This was also the first day in using our new Harvey Dust Collector. That was a resounding success. At low speed it handled the table saws and jointer, and at a decibel level that allowed conversation. With various tools running it was hard to tell by sound whether the dust collector was turned on or not. As an added bonus, it is low profile so we now have a clear view of the table saw from all sides. That allows for closer observation of student safety.

In the photo students are drilling dowel holes in cabinet sides. Dowel holes to fit the top and bottom will be drilled tomorrow, and we will begin making cabinet doors.

For those not in class this week, my entire DVD Building Small Cabinets is available on my youtube site.

Make, fix and create... Assist others in learning likewise.

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