Saturday, March 25, 2023

One on one

I'm home from having spent 5 days in Portland with the Guild of Oregon Woodworkers, and one of the things we discussed was teaching and learning styles.

To help students through the process of cutting miter key slots in the corners of boxes, we used a team approach and got through safely. One at the saw would cut the corners while the last one to have gone through would help. Having someone on the other side of the cut to lift the box and return it lessened the risk of dropping the box, and gave an additional opportunity to observe the process from a different angle. Each got a turn at cutting and assisting.

Please note how Daniel carefully rotates the box to its next cutting position before handing it back.

In medical school they say, "see one, do one, teach one." We added, "See one, do one, assist the next, and then teach." The most effective learning is hands on, and the most effective teaching is one on one. The video will illustrate.

Make, fix and create... Assist other in learning lifewise.

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