Wednesday, September 08, 2021

the space between poetry and prose.

I'm working my way through the last of the edits for my new book, with just a few minor tweaks and corrections before it goes through the copy editing process. My article about making spoon carving knives came out in Quercus Magazine this month and I received a copy in yesterday's mail.

In the meantime, I have meetings this morning with the teaching staff the Clear Spring School as we plan integrated woodworking projects for the coming months. 

A friend of mine asked me about my writing processes. Typical questions are like this: "Do you set aside a number of hours each day to write?" "Do you set a target for the number of pages you hope to write each day?" I tried to explain how much of my work I do at night. Caught in that space between wakefulness and sleep, I'm trapped also between poetry and prose. And I try to relocate myself between those points when I'm up and out of bed. So writing and woodworking are much the same to me. You dream it and let wakeful matters proceed from there.

There's a metaphor that asserts: "Time is money." But let's not get confused. Time is not money. It's meaning. It's art. And it's a whole lot more that money can't buy. And, yes, in the meantime, there are schedules to create and attend and cash flow, bills to pay, etc. I will get about $175.00 for a page and a half. So to write there must be other reasons to do it.

Make, fix and create.

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