Monday, June 21, 2021

Investing in investigation.

A Stanford study has determined that high school students lack the digital skills to spot fake news. Adults suffer from the same malady, but I question whether the skills lacking are digital ones, or whether they are more closely related to failure to integrate what we can learn from engagement in real life with the digital world.

A friend questioned my use of the term "real world." But there is a difference that requires noting. 

On the internet, things are made to appear simple, when in fact, life is more complex and chaotic, and while we might crave easy answers, the truth requires investment in investigation. The cartoon illustrates the dilemma we face.

Make, fix and create. Assist others in learning likewise.

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  1. I think as you say, it is not a digital skill problem. And i don't think the distinction is between the Internet and the real world, but in thinking and discussion and the real world. My experience with face to face discussion, and print publishing (long before the Internet) is that we simplify. In some ways it is the only way we can make sense of the complex and chaotic. But choosing the wrong simplification is disastrous.