Friday, February 05, 2021

Chiseling Nut Mortises for Moxon vise

I'm working on a review of a kit for making a Moxon Vise for Quercus Magazine in the UK, and this video shows how to inlay a large nut into the inner face of the vise.

It also demonstrates my own effective way to hold a chisel close to the tip, rather than at the handle. Holding the chisel close to the tip presents greater ease in holding it at just the right point for starting the cut. It also allows the handle to serve as a pendulum providing the hand a sense of whether or not the chisel is held in a directly vertical plane. You may not regularly use the chisel in this way, but I invite you to try, and assess on your own whether this technique offers merit over what you'll see commonly demonstrated over the internet.

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