Saturday, October 24, 2020

Making a nail box

I've published a short video on making a nail box for my students at the Clear Spring School to assemble and use in their tool boxes. 

A number of my books have been on the subject of box making, and coming up with new box designs is fun for me. 

This unusual design features angled ends that make picking up small nails from inside the box easy, as there are no tight corners where nails can get stuck. The magnet embedded in the handle/divider gives additional ease to picking up nails from inside.  The divider is offset to allow for nails of different sizes.

It is a design that I'm certain will interest my students and will be useful in their woodworking. Use the link below to view the video on youtube.

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1 comment:

  1. The angled ends are a nice feature, but I had the concern that it limits the length of the nails, screws to be stored. Wouldn't angled sides work as well, only one side and not the full height would be enough.