Saturday, October 31, 2020

a nail box

I called one of our Arkansas senators yesterday (the reasonably sane and relatively humane one) and asked how he could continue to support a president and a party that actively works to suppress the workings of democracy. The receptionist told me that if I had concerns about our election I should call the Arkansas secretary of state. 

There's a huge disconnect in place. We worry as our democratic society goes down the drain, while Republicans plan new extreme measures to keep themselves in power, even going so far as to attempt to cripple the US mail. Even those Republicans who are not so extreme lack the courage to stand up. 

In the 1940's in response to the rise of fascism young men like my father, put their live on hold to go to war, and risking their own lives, thousands died. These days Republicans elected to public office refuse to stand up to President Trump even though all they have to do is stand up. They don't have to train for combat. They don't have to leave their families. They don't even have to leave the comfort of their homes. All they have to do is stand up on behalf of democracy. That doesn't even require real courage. It only takes honesty and decency to bring the wanna-be fascist dictator into check.

I have never felt so stressed and worried for our nation's future, so I give money to candidates who have concerns for democracy and health, and who have in their hearts the idea that we can work together to bring greater benefits to all and that governments can serve without outrage and division.

I am once again at work on my book, the wisdom of our hands, doing a second draft taking into consideration comments from my publisher. This gives me a chance to tighten things up, and make my points clear, while also improving the flow of words. Writing is just like any other craft. It gets better through practice, and the prototype is often not the better of products.

In the wood shop I've been preparing projects for kids. This last week my elementary level students made nail boxes to fit in their tool boxes and enjoyed the process. The photo shows one of those. My older students are studying geology and I'm preparing kits for them to make mineral collection boxes. To prepare for that I did a quick video to show the preparation of parts. My videos are low tech, unpolished, but at least offer students a better understanding of woodworking processes.

Make, fix, create. Please Vote if you've not done so already.


  1. Keep posting this kind of article ... keep losing readers.

  2. Our nation will return to sanity when trump is removed from office. Fingers crossed.