Wednesday, October 30, 2019


My high school students have been making longboards, as shown in the photo. They offered to buy their own wheels and trucks. I supplied strips of Arkansas hardwoods from which to glue up the boards, then instructed them in designing symmetrical shapes. They seem to be enjoying the process. The wood and their arrangement of woods will be lovely.

We think of making stuff in such simple terms as making stuff. But is stuff all that's made in the making of "stuff?"

Otto Salomon talked about "formative" education in which children were not just learning about "stuff," but forming their own lives. Fortunately many universities have now come to an understanding that standardized tests are not an adequate measure of what a child can or will become.

This rainy, cold fall day in Arkansas we have the annual harvest party at the Clear Spring School. The students have planned activities for the amusement of each other. I will set up a small operation to make tops.

Make, fix, and create.

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