Thursday, October 03, 2019

from MIT- an essay creativity and play

We are having a crisis in American education as play based learning has been brushed aside to focus on reading readiness and standardized assessment. It is well documented that children are innately creative, and that creativity takes a plunge as children enter formalized schooling.

At the Clear Spring School we try to avoid that through the use of play. Our wood shop, hands-on mission and dedicated staff keep us heading in the right direction.

I would love for someone to take us on as a PhD learning opportunity. There are tests that can show whether our children are able to maintain their creative edge vs. students in more rigid and standardized public education. I invite scholars interested in pursuing this question to contact the Clear Spring School.

An essay on the maintaining creativity as a purpose of education is offered here: Material matters in children's creative learning.

Our carpenters are making great progress on building the addition to the new Clear Spring School wood shop. We'll be moving out of the old an into the new sooner than I'd expected. Thanks to all who have given generously to support to our matching grant.

Make, fix and create. Provide an opportunity for others to learn likewise.

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