Thursday, June 20, 2019

why does this train have no stops?

I used to sell my work each year at the Philadelphia Buyers Market of American Crafts. Through that show I established a number of wholesale accounts with small galleries across the US.

During the show I would stay each year with my cousin's family at Marion, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia. Since my cousin's home was on the commuter train line that connected the suburbs with downtown Philly, I would take the train each morning. It was a lovely and convenient way to go to work.

I noticed, however, that the train would make a number of stops in the suburbs, but then would go a very long ways without stopping. I wondered why. When driving around in my truck, I discovered the reason for it. The train line was built to serve the suburbs, and built to glide past all those who lived in the inner city without stops.

I began to wonder whether the builders of that line intended to shelter members of the suburban elite from the lower classes that occupied the space between. Could not having stops on or off prevent folks of lesser means from intruding on the world of the privileged elite? Just wondering. We live in a society that was engineered to marginalize those who work with their hands.

This may be a difficult subject for some. But let's think about it. Let's figure out how we can build a more equitable society. It can start with every child having the opportunity to learn hands-on the values that the hands impart and that encourage us to respect and care deeply for each other.

Today we have our second day of A+ training for the Clear Spring School staff.

Make, fix, create, and sustain others attempting to learn likewise.

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