Saturday, January 19, 2019

n week

Yesterday at the Clear Spring School we made great progress in making bluebird houses for the Northwest Arkansas Master Naturalists to install at the Lake Leatherwood City Park. What we still have left on the 22 bird houses will be to add roofs and doors.

With the Kindergarten class I decided to have them make note holders for their Moms. The note holders are simple. A small board is held in the vise while a base is nailed on. Then a clothes pin is attached using hot melt glue. Personalized decoration with markers is an important part of the process. A note holder was the perfect project for "N" week in which the students were learning words that start with the letter "N."

The kids made notes to their Moms to be held in their note holders.

The kids told me that they want to make tiny cars next week.

Make, fix and create.

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