Wednesday, January 30, 2019

effort driven rewards

The things we work for are often of greater value to us than those things that arrive with ease. The things we make may of greater value to us than the things we buy. The effort we invest in doing real things offers feelings of well-being, agency, and accomplishment.

Even dog chow is more appealing when it requires some effort to attain. For example, the simple dog toy shown allows our goldendoodle Rosie to work for her chow. Kibble hidden inside offers greater reward than the bowl of the same kibble readily at hand. And Rosie proves it by playing the game for food while her bowl is full and standing by.

We make a mess of things when we fail to understand nature. Shall I say human nature? Even animals share the same traits.

The concept "Effort Driven Rewards" comes from Kelly Lambert's study of rats.

Those who are raised without the opportunity to engage the world, hands-on are left out of touch.

Make, fix and create.

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