Thursday, December 27, 2018

Using a fork as hold down.

I made a new wheel drilling jig for use at school, and to keep hands safe, I came up with an ingenious method of holding the work. Using a stainless steel fork like you can find cheap in any thrift store in America, I bent the tips of the tines at 90 degree angle to get a firm grip. The stainless steel fork has a bit of "spring" in the tines, making it perfect for the task.

Yesterday while I was at work in the school wood shop, one of my second grade girls showed up, gently knocking on the wood shop door. She wanted to borrow a screwdriver. "Straight or phillips," I asked. "Straight" she said. She had come to school with her mother to do the school's payroll, and had brought a bunch of stuff in a bag with the plan of taking things apart. "Lovely," I thought. An engineer or scientist or artist in the making.

Make, fix, and create....

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