Friday, November 30, 2018


Today in the Clear Spring School wood shop my 5th and 6th grade students will begin working on blue bird houses. My Kindergarten students will make toy airplanes.

A radio interview from our veterans day event can be found on our local NPR station here:

One thing I learned growing up as a son of a combat veteran is that the costs of war are often unseen, and that they linger. Young men and young women rise to defend our country and must do so because of the greed, arrogance, and short-sightedness of world leaders.

To work toward the creation of useful beauty is good for what ails us. Former President Jimmy Carter is a woodworker, and it shows in his post presidency years. On the world stage, he continues to direct his hands toward world peace. On the local and national level, he's worked to solve problems of poverty and homelessness. There's something that happens in the soul when one works to craft and create. The photo is in our ESSA blacksmithing studio and shows vets shaping useful objects from iron under the watchful eye of our master blacksmith and board member Bert Jones..

Make, fix, and create.

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