Friday, December 22, 2017

it was once known

It was once known and widely accepted that the developments of hand and mind were concurrent and mutually dependent. But then, we as a society took a left turn off the deep end of empty imaginings. Now children are introduced to iPhones that do all the thinking for them before they know how to use scissors.

The following is from Sir James Crichton-Browne, called by some, the last of the great Victorians.
"Depend upon it that much of the confusion of thought, awkwardness, bashfulness, stutterings, stupidity, and irresolution which we encounter in the world, and even in highly educated men and women, is dependent on defective or misdirected muscular training, and that the thoughtful and diligent cultivation of this is conducive to breadth of mind as well as to breadth of shoulders."

"The nascent period of the hand centres has not been accurately measured ... but its most active epoch being from the fourth to the fifteenth year, after which these centres in the large majority of persons become somewhat fixed and stubborn. Hence it can be understood that boys and girls whose hands have been altogether untrained up to the fifteenth year are practically incapable of high manual efficiency ever afterwards."—Sir James Chrichton-Browne
If we fail to understand that training the hand is training the mind also, what does that foolish experiment in excessive digitality mean for our children?

Today I am slowing down and attempting to keep my feet up, after having a toenail removed due to having dropped a 25 lb. weight on my toe. Ouch! My boxes are proceeding as shown.

Make, fix, create and increase the likelihood that others learn likewise.

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