Sunday, December 17, 2017

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The following is one of two five star reviews from of my book Making Classic Toys that Teach. The book can be acquired from Amazon in 2-5 days, still leaving you time to make timeless heirloom educational gifts for your children and grandchildren, just as parents, grandparents, teachers and village craftsmen did over 100 years ago.
"Makes a great gift as an introductory guide to woodworking that, in turn, allows you to make great educational gifts for kiddos! Really interesting background on Froebel's teaching methods and the history of these blocks used by the likes of Frank Lloyd Wright. Thoughtful instruction, including how to make basic jigs needed to get started. Great illustrations, while holding enough instruction back that you have to figure it out by doing. Great educational tool on so many levels!"— posted by Will
Will got the point. Learn woodworking and be of service to your child's growth, while also learning about child development, how we learn best and a bit about the history of education at the same time. Use this link: to order your copy. The point is simple. Children and adults learn the same way, by doing real of things of real meaning. What could be more meaningful than making gifts that impart wisdom.

If you would like a flip book preview of my newest book, The Box Maker's Guitar Book, use this link:

Make, fix and create...Assist others in learning likewise.

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