Saturday, October 21, 2017

pens and cursive...

Yesterday was a big day for Fed Ex as the driver brought 5 packages from Taunton Press. Three contained boxes that I had sent for photography in product review articles and two were blades for cutting box joints that will be used in photography next week when editor Barry Dima returns for a second visit to Eureka Springs on Wednesday.

Making pens in the Clear Spring School has led to the practice of cursive in high school. The lead teacher puts a quote on the board each Wednesday and the students put it in their own hand writing using the pens they crafted in wood shop. An additional benefit will be that our students know how to read cursive.

In the wood shop at the Clear Spring School, my upper elementary school students decided that they wanted to make toys for the pre-primary students to be shared with them at our annual Harvest Party next week.  They began by making super-heroes and making wheels for the toy cars they plan to make next week.

On Monday I'll order boat building supplies for Building Bevins Skiffs at the Clear Spring School. The following week will be perfect for receiving an order of plywood shipped from Ohio, as I will be out from school for fall break.

Last night we held a successful Mad Hatter's Ball at the Crescent Hotel to benefit the Eureka Springs School of the Arts.

Make, fix, create and adjust education so that children learn lifewise.

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