Monday, May 29, 2017

entanglement part two

I am working on my end of year conference reports that give me the opportunity to review the school year.

My upper elementary class determined that they wanted to make a see saw in wood shop and following its completion a couple months ago, it was in constant use during every break, and after school.

Yesterday I mentioned the idea of educational entanglement and I had written about the idea before.

The simple seesaw in the illustration from that post shows the idea. In the principles of educational Sloyd, lessons were to start with the interests of the child. The drawing is intended to show balance. The teacher's role is to utilize the student's pre-existing entanglements to create the foundation for further, deeper and greater entanglement.

Today we are leaving Portland. My wife and I fly to Arkansas and my daughter to finish her school year in New York. The wedding was lovely. This next week I'll be continuing to prepare the new ESSA wood shop for its opening on June 4.

Make, fix, and create...

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