Thursday, March 17, 2016

off to Portland

Not all my students take their work and craftsmanship seriously, but some do. The box guitar done by Hanna is one that has been worked on with the best of intentions, and her work will set the bar for my other students to aspire to.

I am on my way to Portland, Oregon today. I learned that my ESSA class this summer is almost full  (one opening left) so if you would like to take a class from me in my home town of Eureka Springs,  Arkansas, please go to and register.

Knud in Norway asked via email, about the contrast between teaching adults and teaching kids. In many ways, teaching adults is easier for several reasons. First is that in teaching classes in which adult students have signed themselves up and paid to be there, there are no questions of whether the material will be of interest. Children come with all kinds of issues and situations that are not present in my adult classes. In teaching adults, it is extremely rewarding to receive undivided attention. With kids, I often have the challenge of keeping some of them engaged, as not all have the same level of interest or level of skill. With kids, I also have to watch the clock to see that I fill the hour, not letting them out too early. I also face the problem on the other side, where they don't feel like they are done with their work and are not ready to quit. In adult classes, we simply persist until the project is complete.

In any case, my bags are packed and I'm ready for travel.

Make, fix, create, and extend to others the opportunity to learn likewise

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