Tuesday, December 15, 2015

this day...

Yesterday we made a delivery of toys made by Clear Spring School kids to our local food bank. It is simply important that children understand that they can give to others, and that what they make can make a difference. The food bank was busy as it always is on Monday mornings, but  the director took time to look at the toys, ask questions about how they were made, and to let the kids know that what they've made will be enjoyed by others.

Others in school are taking their bows home in advance of the holidays, beginning to make cigar box guitars, and working on independent projects.

In my work shop, I'm working on a box to be used as a prop in a product review for Fine Woodworking Magazine. In school, I'm working on the neck for a second cigar box guitar. By doing my own work, I hope to show my students how their own work can be done easily and well.

We have 10 making days between now and Christmas, but not all holiday giving will be done on that one day. My Etsy store has boxes that I've made with my own hands and delivery in 2-3 days.

Make, fix, create, and encourage others to learn likewise.

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