Wednesday, December 16, 2015


A friend of mine, Zeke Leonard, has been making a variety of musical instruments, among them "canjos," which he recommends as the first instrument a child could make or that you might make with your child. It requires a stick, a can, a few screws, a guitar string and a tuning peg. The tools are simple. A drill, a screwdriver and a nail.

I have been sending students home with their bows and arrows, and hopefully their neighborhoods will not be terrorized as a result. It would seem (if you watched the Republican debate) that Americans are terrified by Muslims, but perfectly at home in their obsession with guns. It all comes down to who's doing the shooting, I guess.

Yesterday I finished the neck for yet another cigar box guitar, and I should be able to show the design of it later in the day. It is amazing that a real guitar can take weeks, but a cigar box guitar can be made in days or hours and when used as a caterwauling device, still provide the opportunity to drive your neighbors insane without the use of a gun.

I also finished two small boxes to give as gifts to family.

Make, fix, create, and extend to others the joy of learning likewise.

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