Wednesday, March 11, 2015

postcard on edge.

I've finished my "postcard on edge," after having taken it to the post office and having its stamps hand cancelled. The clerk apologized that her stamp was not good for curved surfaces, but she stamped both sides as carelessly as she would on paper without raising an eye to the oddity of the situation. Living in an art community is like that. Folks are prepared to roll blithely through the unexpected.

The card, laminated from four layers of veneer is walnut on one side and catalpa on the other. The cancelled stamps (One at the usual corner of each side) are images  of lovely paintings from the Hudson River School. The curved form is a different, more modern kind of art, and the curves allow it to stand on edge.

The finished work will be sold at auction to raise a small sum for the Eureka Springs School of the Arts.

Today in the CSS wood shop, I begin a home school class on box making.

Make, fix and create...

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