Monday, March 09, 2015

odd things...

I was asked to take a stand-in cover shot for the book about Froebel's gifts, so took an image similar to this, but in high resolution with a real camera instead of the iPhone. Also, I've made a post card from wood, and carved a heart shaped bowl for use in a publicity photo for Clear Spring School.

The post card (walnut on one side and catalpa on the other) will be sold in a fund raiser among postcards made by other artists. I am calling this one, "postcard on edge." The shape of it allows it to free stand on one side. I'll put a stamp on it, and ask the post office to cancel it for me.

You can see that I've made some additional progress on the Choiring of Trees. I assembled the joints by using angled blocks and double stick tape to enable clamps to be used. I routed the sides to make a rabbet for back panelsand cut Baltic birch plywood to fit.

Make, fix and create...

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  1. Nice work! Ingenious way to clamp at odd angles like that, too.