Tuesday, December 30, 2014

News flash...

Some of you have perhaps been interested in our community wide battle against the world's largest private producer of greenhouse gasses, AEP/SWEPCO.

They just announced today that they are withdrawing their proposal for a 345 kV power line through the Eureka Springs area. A reporter asked me what it feels like to have stopped the construction of this massive power line. It feels good.

This victory is a remarkable New Year's gift we have given ourselves... that our beautiful hills will be protected from unnecessary industrialization for at least this generation.

make, fix, create and protect...


  1. Jerry McCaffrey (NJ)5:15 PM

    Congratulations! Was through Eureka Springs in June. It is a beautiful place. Glad it is remaining so.

  2. I am most happy to read your news about the power line. Since you first reported the problem we were in hopes that not another scar would appear in the Ozark Plateau.
    Congratulations and a very Happy New year!

    Chuck Walker