Tuesday, December 09, 2014

fists of fury? divergent views of humanity.

A paper in 2013 by Morgan and Carrier, Protective buttressing of the human fist and the evolution of hominin hands suggested that the human hand evolved through sexual selection, with protective buttressing to protect it from damage as it was used to batter the faces of opponents. They followed up their research by suggesting that the human skull evolved to safely take a punch. Both of these theories met a firestorm of opposition.

In my view it was not the human combative role that led to evolutionary advancement through sexual selection but that particular individuals had the power to manipulate and control their environments through the application of dexterity.

There may be a few women drawn to the clenched fist, they in hopes of finding protection. But it seems that one of the sexiest images used in advertising has been the man (or woman) with a tool belt. A man who can fix things in the real world shows a certain prowess that by extension, can win hearts. You can read some of the correspondence on "fists of fury" Here.

Today in the Clear Spring School wood shop, my elementary school students will be making tiny wooden Christmas trees. In the process, the boys and girls will be developing their own creative and cooperative capacities. Make, fix and create...

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