Saturday, January 18, 2014

honest at the very least...

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Last night I read the Judge's ruling on the power line case that continues to threaten my community, and one thing that she mentioned was that an environmental impact statement prepared for the Arkansas Public Service Commission needs not be as thorough as one done for the Federal Government to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). That may be the case. Perhaps it needs not be as thorough, but should it be honest at the very least?

The preparer of the EIS for this project testified at hearing that he had purposefully deleted his own serious concerns for endangered species and the National Military Park at Pea Ridge from the report. For instance, even mention of Bald Eagle nesting sites was stricken from the 120 page report. Deliberately not mentioning certain things provided a means of purposefully underplaying detrimental impacts from various routes. There is a difference between being honest though less than thorough  and using a purposeful lack of thoroughness as a means of deceit. The EIS offered by AEP/SWEPCO fit the latter category and it was a shame that the judge failed to understand the difference.

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When we read the Environmental Impact Statement prepared in their effort to force a power line through our community, we knew they were lying to us and to the commission. We now have to appeal. Even though the state of Missouri stands between AEP/SWEPCO and completion of their machinations, the APSC must come to terms with the dishonesty through which power companies have gotten their way in the past. So while I wish my work in opposition to the power line had come to a joyful conclusion yesterday, it did not, and I'm once again up too early in the morning, addressing concerns I would rather not be required to consider... like the fundamental dishonesty of American corporations like AEP/SWEPCO that claims integrity in all its dealings with local communities as one of its corporate values. Now, instead of just lying to us, they will also have to lie to the citizens of Missouri if they want to build their power line.

As you can see in the photo above, there is a fundamental honesty required in working with real wood. If you want to put in a dowel, you've got to drill the hole first.

Today in the wood shop, I'll apply and oil finish to the various lids to the box, and the box itself so they can be shipped to Wood on Monday. I will also spend some time doing necessary cleaning in preparation for the next project. Tell me please, which one do you like? Use the poll in the column at right to vote on your selected lid.

Make, fix and create... Teach others to do likewise.

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