Friday, January 31, 2014


Fine Woodworking just published its new bookazine on making boxes. The projects are drawn from a book by Strother Purdy and my own Basic Box Making. Check out this link which offers free shipping if ordered before February 13, 2014  from the Taunton Store.

In the meantime, I've been busy going over edits from my new book, making certain that meanings haven't been changed as chapters have passed through the copy editing process. I've also been working on the AEP/SWEPCO powerline issue in preparation for a public meeting we held last night and spending a bit of therapeutic time in the woodshop. The photo below shows the making of secret compartments in the base of a box.

The value of the carpenter's work is in the usefulness and beauty of the object made. The value of the student's work is in the student, and it exists as a measure of his or her growth, not only as a craftsman, but as a human being.

Make, fix, create... teach others to do the same and engage their own creative capacities.

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