Saturday, August 17, 2013

Symmetry, balance, imbalance and creativity

Today I am working on boxes that explore symmetry, balance, and imbalance related to 3-D design. These shallow boxes will be held together with rare earth magnets, and can be arranged by the user into various configurations.

It seems that some folks are disturbed by imbalance, some are bothered by asymmetry. My own feeling is that good design uses these principles to create visual tension in a piece. To insist that objects be balanced and symmetrical is like saying one should never eat broccoli.

One of these boxes will be held together by magnets in such a way that they simply stack and are held in relation to each other. That may be just what some folks are looking for. The other two will be subject to "arrangement." Which is more fun? Asymmetry and imbalance make you feel uncomfortable? Even the boxes subject to arrangement can be arranged to express symmetry.

True to the principles of Educational Sloyd, these boxes can be made by simply adding a few more simple steps to those learned earlier in the book.

Make, fix and create...

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