Monday, August 05, 2013

more boxes...

As you can see in the photo I've been making more sliding top boxes. I realized that the mitered box joint was one that is too difficult to explain to beginning woodworkers. That joint will be offered as an option, but it is not the best starting point. By removing the mitered corners I've made the project easier for my readers to find success.

That kind of decision is not always easy, but I know when I get to the writing of the chapter and the selection of photos for the book, that if I have to work hard at explaining, many of my readers will have to work even harder to visualize and understand.

While some of my readers are ready for more complex materials, most of my readers are not. But in the name of parsimony, boxes need not be overly complex to be well crafted, beautiful and lasting.

I made a new safety device to use when routing the edges of the lids. It allows me to see what I'm doing, but most importantly, allows the camera to see an edge being formed safely with a guard in place. In addition to making these boxes and taking photos of the process through which they're made, I now have many of my production boxes ready for their hinge slots to be cut. After that, I can assemble the parts into finished boxes.

In our race to get testimonies filed with the Arkansas Public Service Commission, Wednesday August 7 is the day surrebuttals must be filed as written testimony. All across our area, folks like me are just wishing AEP-SWEPCO would just pull the plug on their project and give us our lives back.

Because they are a corporation and unable to sense the humanity of their chosen adversary, they are unlikely to withdraw and leave us in peace. Because we are human beings and this is our home that they threaten, we will fight on and on to protect it.

Make, fix and create...


  1. Interesting. I've always found it harder to get consistent results using box joints.


  2. Mario, you need my dedicated box joint router set up. Once you get it fine tuned, you can cut box joints all day and have them come out right.

  3. Doug,

    If that's the one we made at Arrowmont all those years ago,ill have it. The problem must be adjustment.