Friday, December 07, 2012

help us...

The bus takes our kids off campus for greater learning.
Clear Spring School needs a new school bus, and we have applied to a foundation that will help if we get enough votes. You can vote here, once a day if you like.

In the woodshop today I made an urn for crematory remains as shown in the following steps:

To resaw, cut on both sides and finish with hand saw.

Make miter cuts to form the box sides.

Tape the box together to check the fit.

Add a bottom and glue up.

Tape and rubber bands hold as the glue sets.

Sand and apply Danish oil finish.

A friend suggested that I'm parsimonious, but I was told it was a good thing... that I reduce things to simple steps, the bare necessities to make boxes that are beautiful, useful and that last. In this case, the mitered corners are along the long grain, the most effective way to glue wood. So no screws, nails, keys, finger joints, dovetails, or other mechanical means are required to make a lasting box.

Make, fix and create...

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  1. I love the high-tech clamping system you used. The wood is beautiful.