Saturday, October 17, 2009

Second Sloyd Training School in Boston

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Gustaf Larsson's Sloyd School in Boston shared the location at 37 No. Bennet St. with the North Bennet St. Industrial School until 1908 when it moved to a new building built by Mrs. Pauline Agassiz Shaw at 7 Harcourt St. in Boston. The 37 No. Bennet St. Location had become too small for both to share and the North Bennet St. School continues in that location. Mrs. Pauline Agassiz Shaw was the philanthropist founder of both schools. You can find the location of the Sloyd School using the address 7 Harcourt St. Boston, MA either using Google or Google Earth. The street view above will show you how the building looks today. If you compare the building above with the floor plan below, you can see that while the building may have a more modern brick facade, the structure is the same. The 7 Harcourt location is currently occupied by a real estate development corporation. Don't be confused by the 22 Bolton address shown on the street view. Boston streets are funny and confusing.


  1. Anonymous4:21 AM

    St. Botolph? That's one I'd never run across before.


  2. Mario,
    St. Botolph is a saint I have never heard of either. The street is one that comes as St. Botolph from around the corner, sharing the name with Harcourt for one block, then changing name to W. Canton in the next block.

    Old town Boston can be a confusing place. In Helsinki, many of the streets have two names, one in Finnish and the other Svenske. So that may be even more confusing to some than Boston.

  3. My Grandfather Dana Andrew Stanly graduated here in 1912! Thank you for posting this. I have his original diploma on the wall behind me. I can send you a Pic if you would like!

  4. I would love to see a pic of your grandfather's diploma. You an email me at