Wednesday, September 30, 2009

quick news items

I received my author copies of Rustic Furniture Basics yesterday and was informed by a reader/friend this morning that his copy ordered from had arrived as well. The book and DVD were great fun to make, so I am sure my readers will find them interesting and useful. The natural textures of rustic work are so engaging to the hand and eye.

My other news is that an article from an earlier edition of Woodwork magazine will be included in a DVD collection that will accompany sales of an annual edition. The article is from number 78, December 2002, "Making Desk Compartments, Techniques for cubbies, drawers, and secret boxes." It will go on sale late November 2009. The photo above is from that article.


  1. Peter Rhodes1:21 AM

    It's amazing how one picture of a pair of hands at work with fine objects can immediately elicit the, "I must have that!" response.

    I have the joy of being in Australia, which carries a lot of life advantages but also some disadvantages - not the least of which is that we don't have access to many of the fine resources you have in the U.S. I have searched for the 'Woodwork" magazine online, but have found "Woodworker", "Wood" and "Woodworking" (and many others besides). Can you give any links or contact details where I may be able to secure the upcoming annual plus DVD, or perhaps the original article in back issue? I have several of your books, and your 'Rustic Furniture' is on order!

    Thank you Doug for your daily words and fine philosophy on life, work and craftsmanship - your blog is first thing I read each morning when I open my mail program.


  2. Pete,
    Woodwork magazine was going out of business and was picked up at the last minute by American Woodworker. They may have past issues available. they had a website where you could order such things, but now I can't find it.

    American Woodworker had the intention of continuing regular production of the magazine, but the economy being what it is right now led to the temporary plan to do one annual issue until the economy improves. I have my fingers crossed.

    Thanks for being a faithful reader.