Sunday, September 06, 2009

Poetry in the making

Poetry has its roots in the Greek word poein: "to make". -poeia, -poie, -peia, -poiesis, -poesis, -poeic, -poetic, -poietic, -poetical, -poietical
(Greek: making, producing, creating, creative, forming, formation)

In medical terminology, the "creation" or "production" of that which is named by the combining root.
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We think of writing of all kinds as being different from making, but when you realize that text and texture are from the same root, texere: to weave, and that poetry comes from the act of making, you begin to see that the creative use of the hands, in exploring and shaping physical reality is essential to human development and the foundation of culture. If you want children to be literate, you begin the process by encouraging them "to make."

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