Thursday, August 27, 2009

the hand that acts honestly

From Charles H. Ham, Mind and Hand, 1886:
There is no place in which to seek evidence as to how mind would act upon the mind if treated honestly, as matter is treated by the hand. But if the quality of selfishness is eliminated, there will be no difficulty in bringing all minds to an agreement, as the parts of a watch are brought into harmonious and useful action. And it is through the hand that this beneficent union is destined to be effected; for the hand is the source of wisdom, which is simply the power of discriminating between the true and the false.
Today the real planning for the coming year's classes began in earnest. 1st 2nd and third grades will begin making "road signs" to control traffic control on campus. Fourth, 5th and 6th begin study of rocks and minerals with the making of collector trays. Seventh, 8th and 9th will begin working on campus improvement projects and the high school students will begin a very serious introduction to the tools available in wood shop. After a nice summer break, things are getting revved up for a new year.

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