Saturday, August 15, 2009

from Endangered Minds by Jane M. Healy, PH.D.

From Endangered Minds: Why Our Children Don't Think
We care deeply about the "smartness" of our children, but our culture lacks patience with the slow, time-consuming handwork by which intellects are woven.* The quiet spaces of childhood have been disrupted by media assault and instant sensory gratification. Children have been yoked to hectic adult schedules and assailed by societal anxieties. Many have been deprived of time to play and the opportunity to pursue mental challenges that, though deemed trivial by distracted adults, are the real building blocks of intellect. Thus schools must lead the way, acknowledging children's developmental needs as they guide them firmly into personal involvement with the important skills and ideas that will empower them for the future.
*emphasis mine

Also from Endangered Minds, this quote from Priscilla Vail:
By engaging students only in a quest for the correct answer rather than for the interesting question, we condemn them to live inside other men's discoveries.

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