Tuesday, March 17, 2009

take over AIG

It is growing obvious to many of us that AIG is at the center of the worldwide financial melt down, and it is ridiculous that they still haven't come to terms with what they have done. There are lots of places you can go to research this.

The latest round of bonuses being paid to executives and the misspending of tax dollars for those bonuses provides a clear rationale for a complete government takeover of AIG. If the insurance industry is so important that we must pour billions of dollars into saving it, then it should be nationalized and its employees's salaries be based on civil service pay scale.

There are hundreds of thousands of public employees that do a much better job of serving the American people each day.

There are things that happen when the world is taken from our children's hands. We learn basic moral values in the making of real things. If everything we present in school is just words, numbers and abstractions, we offer them a world in which nothing has real significance. Even receiving bonuses of millions of dollars for abysmal failure may make sense to those completely divorced from the physical reality of crafting things from real materials. And here is my answer... It is simple, but sorry, it will take awhile... cook with our children, make things with our children, plant and harvest with our children, and take time for the scientific exploration of our environment, hand in hand with our children. Here, I quote a good friend... "there is a real world out there."

Our success and failure are dependent on imparting an understanding of it.

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