Sunday, March 01, 2009

another knife project

Since I've been working on knives, I decided to finish one that has lingered here too long. Last year I did two knife boxes for Woodcraft Magazine to fit a knife made with a knife blank that they sell in their catalog. As a result, I ended up with two boxes and a freebie knife blank. The two boxes have more meaning if there is a knife that fits and I'll order another blank so each box can have its own.

The project is nearly too easy for words. The two piece knife handle was cut from wood and the first half is being glued in place in the photo above. Next, the holes were drilled for the brass pins so the other side of the handle is glued in place as shown below.

Now you can begin to see the problem with kits. Things are far more rewarding when you have to work harder for success and when success is not so nearly guaranteed. But surely even I can mess up the sanding or something! The knife blade was made in China and is available from item #147830.
The finished knife is shown with the knife boxes below.

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