Friday, October 12, 2007

There was another massive recall of Chinese toys today. So the question, when shopping for your kids, is it safer to buy tools that require careful supervision and attention in their use, or toys that you think are safe but will have long term hidden consequences for the health of your child? Me, I'd choose an original Frost's Sloyd knife, a Vaughan Bear Saw, and a Vaughan 10 oz. Little Pro hammer for my child. Also, a sewing kit with sharp needles, and scissors that come to a point. The point being that individual creativity and empowerment will last a whole life. A toy, on the other hand, will entertain for a short time and go to the land-fill next month where the lead from its toxic paints will leach into our groundwater. Then there is the other matter. Do you buy toys that endanger your child with the probability of growing up to become an undisciplined nit-wit? Or tools that lead to creativity, responsibility and growth?

By the way, when you buy tools, don't buy kiddie toy tools for your children. Don't buy fakes. Give them tools that last and that they will still use and be proud of when they're my age.

I was pleased today with Al Gore's Nobel Peace Prize. Some of his critics will note that he only gets half of it and shares the other half with a United Nations committee. But this award clearly signifies a new recognition of the importance of efforts to stop and reverse global warming. Congratulations Al Gore!

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