Friday, June 02, 2023

veneered lids

I've been putting walnut borders around veneered lid for unhinged boxes. The process involves cutting thin strips, mitering them on the table saw to fit around the edges and then gluing them  in place. By using masking tape to hold pieces in place as they are fitted, it's relatively easy to build a tight fitting border. 

After all the parts are cut to exact length and fitted, I peel up the tape from one side, part by part, roll the piece back so glue can be applied and then tape it back where it was. The tape on the back side assures that it will be restored to its previous position. By gluing one side at a time, the fit and position of the other parts will not be disturbed.

I'm preparing for a 5 day box making class at ESSA and there's still an opening in the class for one student. Join us if you can. 479-253-5484.

Make, fix and create..

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