Wednesday, August 24, 2022

sanding miters?

I've gotten my quality award base to the point of gluing it up. Sanding will come next, then finish, then shipping to the supplier who will attach an acrylic block containing the essential information of the award. 

Cutting the miters and assembling the base reminded me of a question asked by a member of the Central Indiana Wood Workers. He asked about the need to stand miters before assembly. 

There are three good reasons to leave a well cut joint alone. First, in sanding, however much one tries to be perfect, the perfect joint will be made less perfect. Secondly, sanding dust will fill the pores of the wood, making glue less effective in securing the joint. Third, sanding adds an unnecessary step in which mistakes can be made.

How many of these hard bases have I made? I've been making them for about 20 years. Sometimes more than one will be required. Occasionally the award winner will ask for a duplicate to be made so they can share their success at a second business location.

Make, fix and create. Assist others in living likewise.

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