Monday, July 11, 2022

Woodworker West

Woodworker West has featured an excerpt of my new book, Wisdom of Our Hands: Crafting, A Life  in the July/August issue. The same issue features Robyn Horn's exhibit at the San Francisco Museum of Craft & Design. 

To supplement the excerpt, Ron Goldman, editor at Woodworker West asked me to supply photos of some of my furniture. Among the pieces of furniture featured is a cabinet that I made for Robyn Horn.

I have been listening to a good book, Overstory, by David Powers. It is a book about trees but is also a book about the interconnectedness of things. So, I find the notice of Robyn's exhibit only a few pages from the excerpt from my book is interesting. When encountered by coincidence, it is not intended to direct us left or right at the next light, but it does serve to remind us that we are connected with each other in ways we will likely never understand, and of course that may be it's point, and sufficient at that.

The photo is of my walnut workbench that was first featured in Fine Woodworking and now serves as an illustration of my work in Woodworker West.

Make, fix and create...

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